Preserve the Value
of Nature

Coway promotes a Coway-style CSR to protect the values of nature,
water and air, and make life healthy and rich in a sustainable way.
Coway CSR System

Coway promotes a Coway-style CSR to protect the values of nature, water and air, and make life healthy and rich in a sustainable way.
Based on its core business competencies, water and air, and its employees, Coway promotes strategic CSR to create new social value in local communities.
Based on its great expertise in water and air, as well as its core competencies and digital competitiveness,
Coway aims to create a better life and society by contributing to the places in need. That is the core value of Coway’s CSR.

  1. Sharing the Water of Life 01 Good Water
    Purifier Project

    Since 2015, Coway has carried out its ‘Good Water Purifier’
    campaign in cooperation with Naver Happybean, a public
    service foundation. We have donated refurb water purifiers to
    139 organizations in 49 regions across the nation, including
    children’s centers, volunteer service facilities, free clinics,
    and disability protection centers, and are providing regular
    management service.

  2. 02 Safe Groundwater,
    Water Welfare Projects

    Since concluding an agreement for the ‘Safe Groundwater Project’
    with the Ministry of Environment in 2015, we have donated
    water purifiers to residents in rural areas with contaminated
    water so that they can drink water with an easy mind. Through
    the ‘Water Welfare Project,’ an agreement with Chuncheon-si,
    Chungcheongnam-do with the same aim, we donated a total of
    533 water purifiers to vulnerable classes during the project
    period and provided free inspections. We have donated a total
    of 912 water purifiers so far, and accumulated donations will
    reach 1,300 by 2025.

  3. 03 Supporting
    Rainwater Supply
    Devices in Malaysia

    Coway has supported the construction of rainwater supply
    devices in selected water-vulnerable areas since 2017 in
    cooperation with Coway Malaysia. We will expand clean
    water access by providing rainwater supply devices to
    1,000 households by 2022.

  4. Sharing of Clean Air Environmental
    Improvement Project
    for Vulnerable Classes

    We have been donating air purifiers since 2018 based on the
    ‘Vulnerable Group Environmental Disease Prevention Project,’
    an agreement with the Ministry of Environment, in order to help
    vulnerable persons whose living environment is difficult to
    improve despite increasing air pollution and fine dust. We are
    helping to improve the living environments of vulnerable
    classes by donating air purifiers and providing management
    services in the capital area of Seoul and five metropolitan cities.

    We are leading the sharing of clean air by also donating air
    purifiers to youth facilities such as schools. As of end of 2020,
    the number of air purifiers donated was 464, and we aim to
    donate 1,700 air purifiers by 2025.


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