Jeong-Do Management

Clean Coway

In order to practice ethical responsibility, Coway is creating a culture of
Jeong-Do management with “Clean Coway” as its vision.
“Code of conduct,
Compliance check organization,
Consensus by ethic education”

Coway pursues ‘Jeong-Do management’ based on its 3C’s
(Code of conduct, Compliance check organization, Consensus by ethic education).

  • Code of conduct
    Business Code
    of Conduct

    Enactment of a unique code for the
    internalization of Jeong-Do management

  • Compliance check organization
    Ethics Compliance check organization
    (under the direct control of the CEO)

    The prevention and management of possible
    ethics risks in organizational operations

  • Consensus by Ethics Education
    Building a consensus
    through education

    Training for employees and partner companies
    to spread the culture of Clean Coway

Code of conduct

Coway’s important roles and responsibilities for Jeong-Do management are included in the Code of conduct.
Coway’s Code of conduct consists of its Ethics Charter, Ethics Regulations and Ethics Practice Guidelines, and
specifies the standards for the ethical behavior and value judgment of executives and stakeholders.


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