Innovation for

Researching services transcend the boundaries of online/offline.
Coway's customer service has
always driven innovation.

Now our service innovations are moving beyond the online/offline boundary.

Self-Management Self-Management Service

We are researching service technology innovations that allow customers to manage
things on their own without face-to-face management by CARE professionals.

  • Self-managing products

    With automatic UV light sterilization, AI
    diagnoses leaks, filter replacements,
    etc., and provides guidance.

  • IoCare APP

    It checks living patterns and provides
    real-time notification of product failure
    through smart diagnostics. In addition,
    product settings can be changed even
    when away from home.

  • Specialized designs for self-management

    The filter can be changed easily,
    without opening the entire product,
    and the display enables easy check of
    the status of the product.

  • Self-management kits

    For hygienic self-management, a clean
    kit consisting of clean sticks, clean
    gloves and more are provided with the

Care-Specialist Care-Specialist Service

Professionals trained both online and offline provide more meticulous and rigorous service
through specialized equipment and customer-specific management tools.

  • Regular management
    by product

    Regular management through optimal
    management cycles analyzed
    according to the customer’s usage
    environment and the product

  • Dedicated tools for
    hygiene management

    For hygiene management, the
    dedicated tools required for the care of
    each customer are single-use tools

  • Professional management

    Replacement of major parts and
    sanitary parts by product as well as
    care services such as sterilization and

  • Management using
    specialized equipment

    Management using specialized
    equipment for contamination
    measurement, UV sterilization and

Environment Analysis Environmental Analysis Service

Based on environmental analysis technique, Coway researches to
provide services that enable you to drink clean and safe water.

Environmental Reassurance Analysis Service

To relieve our customers’ concern about drinking water, such as the presences of environmental hormones,
red tap water, algal blooms, etc., and to provide safe drinking water, Coway provides support through
the Environmental Reassurance Analysis Service so that customers can always drink clean water.

  • Environmental
    issue occurred
  • Sample

    (from the region where
    the issue occurred)

  • Arrival and
    receipt of samples
  • Analysis
  • Send
Water quality test service

Once a year, every Coway customer can receive a water quality test service provided by the company for free. As a KOLAS-certified
testing agency and drinking water testing agency designated by the Ministry of Environment, Coway Environmental Home
Appliances Research Institute checks the safety of water used by customers including tap water, spring water and groundwater.

  • Request for water
    quality inspection
  • Collection of
    water samples
  • Arrival and
    receipt of samples
  • Analysis
  • Send

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