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As part of Coway’s dedication to a robust and sustainable future, we are carrying out CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities to aid nature and communities around the world.

Water, air, and people are at the core of local communities, and our CSR activities center around our own expertise in water, air, and digital to build better lives and societies.

Commitments to Clean Water and Air
Coway is committed to creating a healthy living environment and improving the quality of life for all people through clean water and air. With initiatives like donating water and air purifiers to disadvantaged communities, our CSR activities are sustainable, mid-to-long-term programs that build trust with local people rather than one-off events.

Classroom Forest Project
In 2022, we launched the “Classroom Forest Project” to help school children learn about biodiversity. In this project, children grow companion trees in their classroom, which gives them an understanding of climate change and its impact on biodiversity.

Safe Groundwater & Water Welfare Project
Rural areas which don’t have adequate water supply facilities are at risk of exposure to hazardous nitrate oxygen and total coliform in their groundwater due to manure, compost, and domestic sewage. In 2015, Coway made an agreement with the Ministry of the Environment called the ‘Safe Groundwater Project.’ Through the initiative, we provide water purifiers to rural areas with contaminated groundwater. An additional agreement with Chuncheon-si and Chungcheongnam-do called the ‘Water Welfare Project’ has the same aim. Coway provides RO membrane water purifiers that remove various harmful substances, including nitrate nitrogen, heavy metals, and natural radioactive substances, so people can drink water without fear. About 1,000 water purifiers have been donated so far. The goal is to donate 1,500 by 2026.

Malaysia Rainwater Supply System
Since 2017, Coway’s Malaysian subsidiary, Coway Malaysia, has been providing local rainwater supply devices to vulnerable areas. By donating rainwater supply devices to 1,000 households by 2023, we will expand access to clean water.

Environmental Improvement Project for the Vulnerable Groups
In 2018, we signed an agreement with the Ministry of the Environment for the “Prevention of Environmental Diseases for the Underprivileged Communities”. Since then, we have donated air purifiers to underprivileged people with high exposure to air pollution and fine dust in metropolitan areas, including Seoul and five local cities. We also take the lead in sharing clean air with young people by installing air purifiers in youth facilities for free. As of 2021, we donated 474 air purifiers and plan to donate up to 1,000 air purifiers by 2026.

Commitments to Society and People

The Coway Wheelchair Basketball Team for a More Inclusive Society
Coway is creating a more inclusive society by promoting opportunities for people with disabilities. As part of this initiative, we began running the Coway Wheelchair Basketball Team, once part of the Seoul City Hall Wheelchair Basketball Team, in early 2022. This program nurtures promising athletes and promotes a healthy enjoyment of sports in the community.

Coway plans to actively support athletes, allowing them to concentrate on their performance in a stable environment. We provide sports equipment and training sites, as well as job opportunities within the company. In the future, we plan to recruit additional promising players to nurture and strengthen our team. We expect this initiative will also create jobs for disabled people and expand employment in society.

A Coway official said, “Coway attaches great importance to a clean environment, social responsibility, and transparent corporate governance, which is why we put so much effort into ESG management. We plan to continue our efforts and bring all our social missions to life.”
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