STORY Coway R&D Center Spearheads Innovation in Environmental Home Appliances 2023.05.09
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Coway Environmental Technology Research Institute, also known as the Coway R&D Center, recently achieved accreditation as a designated testing laboratory by TÜV SÜD Korea in 2023. This notable addition further enhances the R&D Center's reputation, as it already holds accreditations from renowned international certifying bodies, reaffirming its self-assessment capabilities that surpass global standards. However, the R&D Center's achievements extend beyond its testing capabilities.

Situated in Seoul, the Coway R&D Center, specifically the Environmental Technology Research Institute, stands as Asia's largest research center dedicated to the study of water, air, and sleep technologies. Equipped with exceptional researchers and cutting-edge infrastructure, it leads the forefront of research and development in these fields.

Upon entering the Coway R&D Center, visitors are greeted by the water purification system used by NASA in the lobby. Originally employed to provide drinking water for astronauts aboard the space station in the 1970s, this system utilizes the pioneering RO (Reverse Osmosis) membrane water filtration technology. Through the development of water purification and filter technology, Coway has played a vital role in making the RO water purification system accessible to households and businesses. Placing this system in the lobby serves as a constant reminder of Coway's commitment and responsibility as a global leader in water filtration and filter technology.

■ Global Top-Notch Research Manpower and State-of-the-Art Facilities
The Coway R&D Center, established in 1993, serves as the hub for research and development activities. It encompasses the Design Center, the TQA (Trust & Quality Assurance) Center, and a product technology laboratory. The current R&D Center, constructed in 2008 within the Research Park of Seoul National University, boasts the largest scale among environmental technology institutes in Korea, covering an impressive area of 4,165 square meters.

Approximately 300 dedicated researchers work within the Coway R&D Center, focusing on preliminary technology, innovative products, and filter research—the core technological aspects of environmental home appliances. Notably, with water specialization as their forte, 50 researchers actively contribute their knowledge. Among them, Coway proudly employs the highest number of certified water specialists (CWS) recognized by the Water Quality Association (WQA) and certified water sommeliers accredited by the Korea International Sommelier Association, making it a truly formidable team.

Coway's Environmental Analysis Center serves as the foundation for consumer trust in their water purification systems. Specializing in water and environmental pollution analysis, the center ensures reliable testing capabilities. It holds the distinction of being designated as a Drinking Water Inspection Agency by the Ministry of Environment and recognized as an international testing laboratory by various domestic and foreign organizations and associations. These accolades include the International Testing Laboratory designation by the Korean Accreditation Organization (KOLAS), the first official RoHS Testing Institute by the European Union (EU) TÜV SÜD, and the Technical Service Provider status by the Water Quality Association (WQA).

Established in 2019, the Coway Water Taste Evaluation & Research Lab stands as the world's only lab dedicated to analyzing and distinguishing the diverse taste of water. Its comprehensive analysis encompasses chemical components, environmental factors, and in-depth reports on overall water taste, setting scientific standards for general water taste evaluation.

■ Comprehensive Research Infrastructure and Unparalleled R&D Capabilities
Coway Environmental Technology Research Institute spearheads the entire product development process, ranging from preliminary research to product design, development, reliability tests, and customer satisfaction tests. The institute houses 50 laboratories and approximately 330 experimental devices, enabling a wide range of experiments such as durability tests, performance evaluations, environmental tests, transport packaging tests, and electrical tests. By studying water and air quality, customer habits and behaviors, as well as the product usage environment, Coway leads the industry and continues to invest in R&D.

The institute also operates an R&D system dedicated to the overseas market, allowing for the development of localized products that cater to the specific needs of each market. Through the collection and analysis of water samples from around the world, the institute has built a comprehensive water quality database. With approximately 2,700 water quality data points from 41 countries, the institute is able to provide optimal products and services tailored to specific markets. Additionally, the institute conducts 'IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Field Tests' by visiting real living environments to analyze air pollutants in real-life settings. These tests contribute to improving the performance of air purifier products and developing effective air filters.

■ R&D Investment Leading to Innovative Product Launches
Coway's consistent investment in R&D has resulted in the creation of innovative products, domestic and international patents, and proprietary technologies. Currently, the company holds over 2,000 domestic and international patent registrations, the highest number in the industry. As of 2022, the company also possesses 6,500 intellectual property rights, including trademarks.

One of Coway's latest innovations, the BEREX Smart Mattress, revolutionizes the sleep experience and introduces a new category to the mattress market. Equipped with Coway's proprietary patented technology, the mattress automatically adjusts to one of nine firmness levels by utilizing air pockets that respond to the user's body pressure and sleeping position. These advanced air pockets, referred to as 'Sleep Cells,' independently control their air pressure to customize the mattress firmness according to the user's preferences. As a result, the mattress consistently maintains its optimal comfort through this durable technology, replacing traditional fast-wearing mattress springs. The BEREX Smart Mattress can be controlled via a remote controller or a mobile application, allowing users to monitor real-time body pressure, adjust firmness, select different modes, and more. The product also offers features such as pressure sensing and automatic pressure redistribution, sleep mode facilitating a conducive environment for restful sleep.

The premium appliance range 'NOBLE,' introduced by Coway, has caused a sensation in the domestic environmental home appliance market with its cutting-edge technology and signature design. Notably, the NOBLE Water Purifiers showcase Coway's innovative Smart Motion Faucet technology, a pioneering feature in South Korea. This technology conceals the faucet within the main body when not in use, automatically revealing itself upon detecting user movement. Furthermore, the NOBLE Induction Cooktops incorporate the innovative All-Free Smart Auto Sensing technology, allowing seamless cooking by treating the entire cooktop as one large burner.

The Coway R&D Center, represented by the Environmental Technology Research Institute, truly stands at the forefront of Coway's innovative endeavors. As the leading Best Life Solution Company, Coway aims to dominate the global market for environmental home appliances, relying on its exceptional R&D infrastructure and talented workforce.
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