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SEOUL, South Korea, March 28, 2024 -- An analysis by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) suggests that the average person ingests as many as 5 grams of microplastics weekly – that's the equivalent of eating a whole credit card. While the exact effects of plastics on human health are still relatively unknown, the World Health Organization (WHO) has highlighted potential adverse effects, such as the production of reactive oxidative species and inflammatory responses in the body.

Coway, the Best Life Solution Company and a leader in the global water purifier industry, has taken proactive steps to combat environmental pollution and potential health risks associated with microplastics. Coway has certified its water purifiers for their performance and microplastic removal with the assistance of international bodies.

NSF/ANSI 401 Standards for Direct-flow Water Purifiers

The current NSF/ANSI 401 standards, designated by the USA's National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), are the only standards for the microplastic reduction performance of water filtration systems. A certified water filtration system is proven to remove fine particles ranging from 0.5 to 1 micrometer in size, including microplastics[1].

To date, 26 of Coway's direct-flow water purifiers, a.k.a NanoTrap water purifiers, and 3 NanoTrap filters have been certified as conforming to the NSF/ANSI 401 standards by the Water Quality Association (WQA). The water filtration systems, such as the Icon Water Purifier (CP-7211N), have over 99% reduction efficiency of particles — a testament to Coway's commitment to water safety.

Intertek Recognitions for RO Water Purifiers

Coway's reverse osmosis (RO) membrane water purifiers, widely used in Southeast Asian households, have been verified for microplastic removal performance through stringent testing by Intertek, a leading international certification organization.

Since there are currently no global standards for microplastic removal for RO systems, Coway, in collaboration with Intertek, established the test protocol[2] that verifies the reduction of nano-sized particles as small as 30 nanometers – approximately 1000th of a human hair.

By Intertek's validation for microplastic removal performance, Coway's reverse osmosis water purifiers are verified to reduce nanoparticles with an efficiency of over 99%. To date, 40 models of Coway water purifiers have been confirmed to be effective in removing of nano-sized particles (30nm) via performance test reports. These models include the Neo Plus (CHP-264L), the AIS/My Ice (CHPI-7520L), and the Villaem II (CHP-18AR).

A Coway official said, "We rigorously verify and ensure the safety of our products against emerging harmful substances from various sources, so consumers can enjoy clean water without worries under any circumstances. Moving forward, we are committed to advancing filter technology and giving our customers even more confidence in our water purifiers."


[1]Microplastic performance claims are based on the NSF/ANSI 42 Class 1 Particulate, 0.5~1um, protocol as a surrogate test. The systems that comply with the NSF/ANSI 42 Class 1 conform to NSF/ANSI 401 for reducing microplastics.

[2]Coway's exclusive performance testing methodology for water purifiers was approved and adopted as a test protocol by Intertek for evaluating and certifying microplastic removal efficacy.


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