STORY Surpassing 1 Million Sales... What’s behind the Popularity of Coway's Icon Water Purifier Series 2024.01.08
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- Icon Water Purifier Series marked the 1 million sales milestone as of November 2023
- Popular factors include excellent product performance, compact design, and various lifestyle convenience features

Coway’s strategic product lineup, the "Icon Water Purifier Series" (Icon Water Purifier, Icon Water Purifier 2, Icon Ice Water Purifier), has surpassed cumulative sales of 1 million units.

The Icon Water Purifier Series is Coway's premium water purifier lineup developed to establish itself as ‘the icon of purifiers, the icon of space.' As of the end of November last year, the Icon Water Purifier Series recorded sales of 1.01 million units. This marks the first time that Coway has surpassed 1 million sales in its water purifier series, achieved by the Icon Water Purifier Series.

In October 2020, Coway launched its first product in the Icon Water Purifier Series, the 'Icon Water Purifier.' Subsequently, in June 2022, Coway expanded its product lineup by releasing the Icon Water Purifier 2 and the Icon Ice Water Purifier.

The first factor enabling the Icon Water Purifier Series to surpass cumulative sales of 1 million units lies in its product performance. The Icon Water Purifier 2 is an upgraded version of the original Icon Water Purifier, enhancing hygiene and cooling efficiency. Notably, the faucet parts are made with eco-friendly material Tritan, allowing for easy separation and cleaning, significantly enhancing hygiene and safety. Additionally, it gained consumer confidence through material safety tests on key parts in contact with water conducted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The Icon Ice Water Purifier, boasting the smallest size among domestic ice-making water purifiers, received praise from consumers for its abundant ice-making performance and UV sterilization system. This product improves ice-making speed, taking only about 12 minutes for one ice-making cycle and producing up to approximately 600 ice cubes per day, ensuring a sufficient supply of ice at any time. Furthermore, consumers can choose between two ice sizes, large (approximately 10g) and small (approximately 7g), according to their preference.

The second factor contributing to the popularity of the Icon Water Purifier Series is its compact design. Thanks to its slim dimensions of 18cm width and 25cm depth (excluding the tray), the Icon Water Purifier 2 maximizes kitchen space utilization. Similarly, the Icon Ice Water Purifier is approximately 40% smaller in size compared to Coway's previous ice water purifiers, with dimensions of 24cm width and 47.3cm depth, significantly increasing kitchen space utilization. It boasts the smallest size among domestic ice water purifiers.

Furthermore, the Icon Water Purifier Series attracted customers' attention by incorporating various lifestyle convenience features. The Icon Water Purifier 2 and the Icon Ice Water Purifier introduced the 'boiling water' feature, capable of dispensing water at 100 degrees Celsius, thereby increasing consumer interest and demand.

Coway stated, "The Icon Water Purifier Series is not only an innovative product representing Coway with excellent product performance, but also with compact design and various lifestyle convenience features." They added, "We plan to strengthen our leadership in the domestic water purifier market by leading with innovative products like the Icon Water Purifier Series in the future."
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