Innovation of the
Daily Life,

Leading to a new future.
Coway’s unique & innovative technology

Using data accumulated over 30 years by experts with knowledge and know-how in each field,
efforts to consider both the environment and customer convenience combine to create Coway's unique, innovative technology.


Expertise in each sector of environmental home appliances and
rigorous standards within Coway are leading to innovation in product development.

  • The world’s
    leading water expert

    Expert research to produce the best water is
    performed by CWS specialists, who have passed
    comprehensive tests on water covering its basic
    ingredients, its chemistry, water treatment techniques,
    and filtering, and by water sommeliers, who specialize
    in water taste and quality.

  • Technical researchers
    who analyze air quality

    To maintain optimal air quality at all time, our
    researchers analyze and study the complex and
    diverse air quality of each season, environment,
    and space through IAQ experiments.

  • Professional researchers
    responsible for life care

    These researchers analyze and study data including
    sleeping patterns, health index analyses, and care service
    records. to maintain optimal conditions for life, such as
    an optimal environment and the prevention of bacterial
    and viral infections, etc.

Big Data

Coway strives for innovation in developing products tailor-made for its customers by analyzing
and researching environment-related big data collected not only in Korea, but also from all around the world.

  • Customized products

    We utilize global environmental
    analysis data to develop products.

  • Development of customized filters

    We apply development and replacement cycles
    customized to the environment based on
    environmental analysis data.

  • Customized recommendation of services

    We make optimal product and service
    recommendations through analysis of
    customer usage patterns.


Coway is leading the development of eco-friendly products, services and technologies
that consider the environment throughout the entire process for its products and services.

01 Chemical and quality management

For product safety certification, we are seeking operation of authorized laboratories and the diversification of testing institutions,
allowing us to actively review the quality, safety and environmental impact of our products. In addition, we are continuously
researching ways to reduce chemical risk to zero through the establishment of a chemical management system.

  • Product Development

    Chemical stability of products and parts

  • Clean

    Energy efficiency CO2 emissions

  • Rental

    Improvements to living environments

  • Recovery and recycling

    Decrease resource use Increase recyclability

02 Environmentally friendly
waterless test system

Traditionally water is used to test water purifiers for leaks or a vacuum, but waterless testing uses nitrogen and a vacuum instead of water to improve the quality of completeness test for products and minimize the test time and the amount of water thrown away for tests.

03 Use of eco-friendly packaging materials

We are considering renewable materials that can reduce or replace the use of EPS packaging materials, which are used once and then thrown away. We are expanding our scope of development to be more eco-friendly by changing the form of packaging depending on the product in order to reduce the use of EPS(expanded polystyrene) packaging or by using corrugated cushions made of 100% eco-friendly paper.


Through big data analysis and AI technology,
Coway’s research enables customers to meet in and experience more diverse spaces in their everyday lives.

  • Providing customized solutions

    We check lifestyle patterns and the usage information
    of each product to provide optimal and customized
    solutions for each member of your family as well as

  • Self-management on its own

    Our product analyzes its own status and issues,
    provides audio guidance to customers and
    autonomously manages itself.

  • Smart control

    We check and remotely control the product’s
    condition whenever and wherever the customer


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