PRESS RELEASE [IFA 2022] Coway Brings Clean, Fresh Air and Water Indoors at IFA 2022 2022.09.02
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- Coway unveils two new Airmega air purifiers that enhance the daily lives and convenience of European consumers at IFA 2022
- The exhibition showcases Coway’s latest innovations in Air and Water with the Noble Collection and Icon Water Purifier Series

BERLIN, Sept. 2, 2022 – Today, Coway Co., Ltd., South Korea’s “The Best Life Solution Company,” unveiled its latest home health appliances at IFA 2022. The exhibition featured 22 innovative home appliance products, including 14 air and 8 water purifiers.
The main highlight of the exhibition, however, is the highly-esteemed Coway Airmega air purifiers that are now available in Europe.
“The Coway Airmega range is consistently recognized as the best-in-class, earning status as an Amazon USA top air purifier brand,” said Rodney Ryu, the Managing Director of Coway Europe B.V. “We’re committed to making European consumers’ homes a healthy sanctuary of relaxation and wellness by bringing innovative products to the market.”
Coway’s main air purifier lineup, the Coway Airmega, has garnered the most attention from visitors. As well as the models currently available – the Airmega Mighty, Airmega 150, Airmega Jet, and Airmega 300S/400S, Coway is presenting two new Airmegas that are launching in Europe soon.
Coway Airmegas – Air Purifiers at Their Finest

Airmega Mighty (AP-1512HH) has been the New York Times Wirecutter's top pick for eight consecutive years, including 2022, and is an Amazon USA best seller in the air purifier category. The powerful air purifier is suitable for rooms up to 33m2, including bedrooms, living rooms, and small enterprises. It has obtained the ECARF Seal of Quality for fully adapting to the needs of allergy sufferers.
Certain Coway air purifiers have been proven to remove over 99.98% of the SARS-CoV-2 virus floating in a chamber within two minutes, according to an independent test conducted by MRI Global, a US non-profit research institute. The newest air purifier on display, the Airmega 250, is one of them.

Airmega 250 combines the filtration coverage performance of a large air purifier, yet has a minimalist, compact design. In addition, the Airmega 250 offers automated functions, which adjust the fan speed automatically according to the room’s air quality and surroundings. Its design has earned international accolades from the Red Dot Design Award 2021 and the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) 2021.
Another all-new air purifier, Airmega 250H, is an innovative dual-function product featuring air purifying and humidifying. It not only purifies the air but also optimizes the humidity level by releasing an ultra-fine mist evenly into the air as an evaporative humidifier. Above all, Airmega 250H boasts enhanced hygiene with Coway’s patented Water Lock technology, an automatic water control system that opens the water tank when in use and closes it when not. The innovative feature stops water from stagnating in the reservoir and prevents filter contamination.
The Airmega 250 and 250H will be available in Europe in the 4th quarter of 2022.
In addition, Coway showcased its latest innovations with the Noble Collection and Icon Water Purifier Series which are popular with Korean consumers. 
The award-winning Noble Air Purifier features an architecture-inspired tower design that was acknowledged by the world’s top 4 design awards – Red Dot, iF, IDEA, and Pin Up Awards. The innovative Icon Water Purifier 2 gives a glimpse into the future of water purifiers with its smart hygiene credentials, convenient design, compact size, and ultra-high water temperature. Their European release is yet to be scheduled.

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About Coway Co., Ltd. 
Established in Korea in 1989, Coway, "The Best Life Solution Company," is a leading environmental home appliances company making people's lives healthy and comfortable with innovative home appliances such as water purifiers, air purifiers, bidets, and mattresses. Since being founded, Coway has become a leader in the environmental home appliances industry, with intensive research, engineering, development, and customer service. The company has proven dedication to innovation with award-winning products, home health expertise, unrivaled market share, customer satisfaction, and brand recognition. Coway continues to innovate by diversifying product lines and accelerating overseas business in Malaysia, the USA, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, and Europe, based on the business success in Korea. For more information, please visit or
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