PRESS RELEASE Coway Commences the Operation of New Solar Power Plants 2023.07.04
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SEOUL, South Korea, July 4, 2022 -- Coway Co., Ltd., “Best Life Solution Company,” announced that they have commenced operations of a solar power plant on the rooftop of BEREX Tech's building, located in Paju, Gyeonggi Province. Formerly known as iOBED, BEREX Tech is a global sleep technology subsidiary owned by Coway.

This solar power plant has been installed in an area of 3,832 square meters with an estimated annual capacity of 800 KWh. The expected annual electricity generation is 966 MWh, equivalent to the capacity that can be used by around 270 households for a year.

In addition to this initiative, Coway has been installing and operating solar power plants at various locations as part of its ESG environmental management efforts. These locations include the Yugu Factory (49.5KWh), Incheon Factory (39KWh), Pocheon Factory (45KWh), and the Yugu Distribution Center (1048.8 KWh).

A Coway official said: “We are making efforts to convert a significant portion of our business's power consumption into renewable energy sources. As an environmentally-friendly company, we are committed to minimizing the negative impact on the environment and strengthening sustainability.”
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